2018 Safe Play Sand
Welcome to the home of Safe Play Sand, where you can purchase clean, light tan play sand that is safer for children of all ages. All fees paid for Sand go directly to support a UofM Student Theater Troupe - The Ring of Steel Action Theatre

Sand purchased from toy stores or from construction suppliers often contains contaminants that have been established as unsafe for occupational exposure. While we have been unable to locate studies specifically associated to child contact with these contaminants, our own children play for hours at a time in their sand box (it is often their first destination after leaving the house) and they do not hesitate to deliberately create dust clouds. In an era when all you can do is manage risks from exposure to a wide variety of environmental toxins, we decided that minimizing the potential threat from sand warranted a reasonable effort.

So, where to buy the sand? We found a supplier in California that was happy to ship us smaller quantities (all that most of us need) for rates that certainly keep trucking firms in business but where did their sand come from? Why, right here in Michigan! We found their supplier who turned out to be willing to drop 20 yards at a time on our lawn. Even our ambitious sand box only required 4.5 yards, so this seemed overkill. However, the delivered price for 4 yards or 20 yards was supportable - perhaps we could sell off the rest to recoup our costs?

Safe Play Sand was born.

We've no sophisticated ordering system. Email us at s a f e p l a y s a n d @ u m i c h . e d u to arrange a pickup/delivery appointment and to confirm volume pricing. We have about 3-4 yards in stock and are happy to fill your orders!

We are not shipping this product as yet. We are encouraging individuals to find a friend with an SUV with a trailer hitch and simply rent a UHaul or rent a pickup from Home Depot or Lowes (Local UHaul has 1 pickup for rent) as the wear & tear on our vehicles for hauling sand around is fairly expensive. Ann Arbor area residents can expect approximately $35 for us to deliver up to 1 yard.

Volume Weight Price
5 Gallon Bucket
Green Turtle Special (15 gallons)
1/4 Yard
1/2 Yard
1 Yard

You can probably gather that our tractor has a 1/4 yard bucket and can safely reach over a 5'10" side. (Most full size pickups without lifts or off-road suspensions) Bring your own buckets/containers/bags or plan on a leaving a deposit for ours. Bring a cover for your pickup or trailer bed to conform to state transport laws.


For .5 yard loads, 5'x8' trailer rated at 1890# is $18.95/day & for 1 yard loads, 6'x12' trailer rated at 2670# is $29.95/day. We will consider very local deliveries in the Ann Arbor area at this time.

We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express.

Where the sands of time are made to flow a little safer...